Any girl can relate to sitting down in a spa chair and striking up a conversation with the person next to you who’s adorning her toes with your exact same shade of nail polish. While chatting over mani-pedis in a neighborhood Los Angeles salon, a public relations executive and an accessories designer formed an instant bond upon discovering they shared a mutual love of all-things-accessories. Both women had just relocated from New York City to the West Coast and realized they had much more in common than merely fancying a great foot massage and polish change. In 2011, two years after this manicure meet-and-greet, they finally made time during their busy corporate work schedules to discuss what they could do with their passions for fashion…and the rest was history. 

After scouring the shelves of domestic jewelry designers, working with local up-and-coming handbag designers,  and small artisans overseas, they amassed a collection of one-of-a-kind accessories...chunky multi-link chain necklaces and vintage snake-patterned wrap bracelets, as well as fabulous boho totes and printed scarves. And, voila! Just like that, they had handpicked their favorite items for AntoniaBee.

AntoniaBee was born out of a shared obsession and desire for quality, on-trend accessories that combine a mix of their personal "High-low" aesthetic. Both women were determined to offer items that would be found in their own personal closets and jewelry boxes, and that were a perfect mix of unheard-of bargains, and fabulous new designer finds that are new treasures. A mix of items hand curated and picked to wow both the style-savvy fashionista as well as bargain-lovers like themselves.

Their collections range from bold, statement accessories to pieces that are subtly chic, offering unique styles that can cater to everyone’s tastes. The fashionable duo believes that every accessory a woman chooses to wear or carry, from necklaces and bracelets to perfume and handbags, is a personal statement – one can choose to dress trendy one day and classic the next. Whether it be rocker, boho, classic or edgy, AntoniaBee’s got something to appease even the most insatiable fashion appetite - with fun, unique pieces so that every woman can express her true self!